Alt-f4 can offer a lot of services, at your location or online. Every customer is different…

Customised systems

You can buy a computer at the store, but sometimes that is not enough. Maybe you want a nice design that fits well in the environment, you want a monster computer or an economical, eco friendly solution.

There are possibilities for every wish. Of …


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Every assignment requires customization, which is why I am happy to prepare a personal quotation for you. I want to make IT accessible to everyone, and in consultation with you I ensure an appropriate rate.

When you complete the form below, I will…

About ALT-F4

My passion for IT started in 1987 when I received my first computer. Since then I have grown with all technological developments. My first job in IT was repairing the iBook in 1999. Then I worked for the first internet company in the …


Alt-F4 is a flexible all-round IT company with more than 20 years of experience with multiple disciplines, from simple computer questions, websites, web shops …